The Profiles


Phyllis Lane and Rodrigo Coelho

COUTURE BOOK got its start with some photos and a vision.  The vision was to create a way to showcase those images in a new, innovative, beautiful form, to be able to create one book at a time that would resemble the high standards of what you would find in the books in a museum book store.   Phyllis Lane, a fashion photographer, journalist, and high-end wedding photographer created her first coffee-table book in 2000.  She used her own printer and worked for eight months to complete it.  With a great response in the marketplace, she realized others wanted to create a similar book for their work.

Phyllis met Rodrigo Coelho, an entrepreneur who had just recently sold his technology business, and they came together to create the perfect business match.  With his background in systems and technology, and hers in creative ideas and design, together they created the concept of COUTURE BOOK, a high-end Coffee-Table book for professionals.   Realizing the photo books in the consumer market lacked the same creativity and innovative edge, Phyllis saw this as an opportunity to combine her photographic style and fashion oriented vision to create the COUTURE BOOK collections.   Through her ingenious book designs, she changed the perception of the “Cheap photo book” to one of a highly designed, timeless work of art.   COUTURE BOOK is guided by Phyllis and Rodrigo, both instrumental in the growth and prosperity of the brand since its inception in 2007.

Their Passion and dedication to the company is unsurpassed and has proven to be an inspiration to all who have the opportunity to work with them.  Rodrigo has been successfully able to expand globally by creating the most innovative technology and systems.  He has been the lead role in overseeing the development of the company domestically and internationally.  He is truly a driving force behind the company’s spirit and commitment to excellence.   Phyllis is credited with the idea of COUTURE BOOK, creating the vision for the company, along with producing and directing all of the photography, short films, runway, and product designs.  Truly a visionary, she has shaped the direction and look of the company with her passion and unique eye.

Together they are very passionate to be a part of not only adding beauty to the world but in making a difference through their “Build a Better World” program.


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