Date: 06/12/2011

Author: Couture Book


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Amazing new book created by Maria Mayer Feng

Oh boy, I cannot say enough good things about this book design!

This is a family history book created by an amazing designer out of NYC, Maria Mayer Feng.   She has designed a lot of really interesting and cool books with us in the past, but I think she has taken the cake this time!   There are just so many interesting features she’s incorporated into the design that the book has come out so unique and elegant:

Printed wrap-around cover layout

Scans of original Polaroid pictures, and vellum pocket for actual postcards

Vellum pocket for postcards

Holes punched on page for a great peak-a-boo effect

Hand-written letter mounted directly on the page

Hand-written letter unfolded

Another hand-written note included with scans of other letters

Close-up of note


Another letter bound into the book


Close-up of letter

More letters scanned and included in the design

DVD attachd to the inside back cover with printed endsheets

Thanks again Maria for letting us share this amazing book!

To see more of Maria’s work and to contact her for a design of your own, please check out her website:



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