Date: 23/08/2011

Author: Couture Book


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Check out this beautiful French Cannes book

We were so excited to see this Cannes book come together from Paula Romein and Barend Hountsmuller.   The images were great, and the design and layout was beautiful, and the cover layout really took advantage of the wrap around cover template for the Cannes.

French Cannes book with Satin cover and custom White Snow slipcase

They choose the Cannes Satin cover, which gave the cover an elegant feel.   To go with the Satin cover, they added a White Snow covered slipcase.  The soft Snow suede really complimented the satin of the cover nicely.

French Cannes full cover layout

Custom Snow slipcase, with just the spine showing

They also incorporated vellum pages as chapters throughout the book

Chapter pages in vellum

Vellum Chapter Page


I also loved their layout.  They used a lot of full bleed images and double page spreads.  This gives the book a great fine-art feel, and really makes the images look great.

Panoramic image over two pages

I LOVE the clean simple design!

Another great double page spread

You can check out more of Paula’s and Barend’s work here:



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