Date: 17/10/2011

Author: Couture Book

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Create a preview of your design from Aperture

While I LOVE the book design tool in Aperture, there is one big issue: there is no easy one-click way to generate a preview for your customers.

The good news is there is a way to do it!

In a nutshell, you’ll export the layout pages as Jpg images, and then upload them to your COUTURE BOOK account to generate the free preview. That way you can share your preliminary layout with your customer before anything is set in stone. This also lets you keep a record of exactly which design was approved (you can generate different preview links for each iteration of your design).

Here’s how to combine your Aperture design with our free online preview:

  • First, open your book project in Aperture and then hit the “Print” button on the upper right

  • When the print dialogue box opens, click on the “PDF” drop down on the lower left
  • Choose ” option to “Save PDF as Jpg in folder” and this will automatically start the export process

  • Once Aperture finishes exporting the images, you’ll see a “gear” icon spinning on your upper status bar. That tells you that your computer is working on converting the layouts to Jpgs

  • After it finishes, you’ll get new window with a cryptic message that says “copy finder items”. Just enter the location you’d like to save your layouts at, and this will save your exported jpgs to that folder

  • After that, just upload your newly minted Jpgs to a new project on your COUTURE BOOK account, and order a free preview.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound too complex, and I promise that once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy!




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