Date: 24/04/2013

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Tired of designing book layouts, let our graphic designer do it for you!


While I LOVE shooting, the one thing I’ve never been very good at is layout.  It’s amazing what a difference there is between a good layout and an amateur layout. A good layout can highlights how powerful and dramatic your images are, and an amateur layout can bury or lose your powerful images.

Personally I’m squarely in amateur camp, but that’s why I don’t design my own layouts anymore.  Not only has it saved me a ton of time, but now my books look AMAZING. If you are tired your books not looking as nice as they could or are just behind on work, let us help out and create some stunning books for you!

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Our graphic designer will create a completely custom layout based on your style and specifications. This includes cover layout, text, vellum pages, and any other options you’d like to have included in your books.  And we’ll do it all for only $2.50 an image!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Log into your COUTURE BOOK account
  2. Create a new project and select the book style and size
  3. Upload your images in the sequence you’d like them in for the book
  4. Email with the name of the project and any notes you have for design
  5. We’ll email you back a confirmation, and will get started on your custom design immediately

Usually we’ll have your preliminary design ready within 48 to 72 hours, and we’ll send you a digital link for a preview.  From there you can let us know of any changes you’d like to see and we’ll have your preview updated until the layouts are PERFECT!

Check out a few recent designs we’ve created:

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

Preview 4





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