Date: 12/08/2014

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Which Paper Is Your Favorite?

When we introduced our new press last year, it allowed us to not only offer new larger sizes (12×12, 12×15, and 14.25×10 horizontal), but we’ve also added a great new paper stock: Heavy Silk

Paper Samples

We now have six different paper stocks available, and here’s a quick rundown of all of the paper stocks:

  1. Silk – This is our most modern stock. It has a slight shine to the surface, which gives it outstanding color saturation, great shadow details and and very deep blacks.  It is 50% recycled content, and is our thinnest stock.  This paper is an exact match for the paper you’d see in a Fine-art coffee table book from the bookstore.
  2. Heavy Weight Silk – This has the same surface finish as the Silk paper stock, so you get the same great color and deep blacks, but in a slightly thicker stock.  It has the same weight as our Recycled paper (see below), and also has a 50% recycled content.
  3. Recycled paper – This is a 100% recycled stock, with a smooth, matte surface to the finish. Due to the matte surface it does lose a little saturation compared to the Silk stock, but it is thicker.   The flat finish is very flattering on portrait images and skin tones.
  4. White Felt – This stock has a really nice fine-art paper like texture, and looks beautiful with the hand torn edges. The images do lose a little saturation due to the slight texture, but it looks very flattering on portraits and skin tones. The White Felt is a pure white stock.
  5. Cream Felt – This stock is the same as the white felt, but the Cream Felt has a slight warm tone to it.
  6. Rivista Magazine – This stock is only available on the Rivista style of book.  It has an uncoated surface for a smooth fine-art look.  It’s the same weight as a fashion magazine stock, giving the Rivista a great feel.

If you’d like to see samples of these stocks printed with your images, make sure you check out our paper sample program. It’s a great way to see and feel each stock in person, and you can see which stock will work best with your images.



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