Date: 26/07/2012

Author: Couture Book


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We love these Paris books by Laura Negri

Here at COUTURE BOOK we are constantly inspired by the beautiful and creative books that come through our bindery.  These two from Laura Negri Photography in Atalanta, GA excited us so much we wanted to share them with you!

The Paris book in the French Line is one of our favorites.  With so many possibilities for customization each one is a unique piece of art.

Laura has thought of a great way to take full advantage of the personalized cover.  She has her clients pick out a detail shot they love that represents their wedding.  This gets the client involved in the book making process, making it an even more memorable experience.

First lets take a look at the book created for Sarah and David.  Sarah and David were married at Campe Merrie-Woode in Cashiers, NC.  This was a special location as the bride spent time here growing up.

The printed dust jacket is a beautiful way to make a statement and give an overall theme and feel for the book.

Underneath this beautiful cover photo they chose the Microsuede Cover in Sand with Text Stamping.  This is a great way to customize and add an extra special touch to the book.

Stamping of the couple’s names in L-2 font.

The use of printed vellum to highlight certain portions of the book makes for a beautiful look and feel.

Printed end sheets are a perfect finishing touch.

Laura has chosen to brand her printed end sheets with her logo that match the look and feel of her website, so her presentation is consistent throughout.

Now, let’s take a look at another Paris book from the French line with a little different feel.

Hannah and David were married at Barnsely Gardens & had some amazing floral details.

This Gold raw silk cover makes for a classic and luxurious opening statement.

The use of printed vellum to separate different sections of the book is always a great choice.

We love the simple layout and design work.  Elegant to say the least!

The finished product is a beautiful, museum quality book that will be treasured by this family for generations to come.

To view the full layouts and images from these books visit the links below.

Sarah and David:

Hannah and David:

To check out more beautiful work from Laura Negri visit her website:

All graphic design and layouts by Elissa Brown –        Samples and quotes upon request.



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