The Collections



The English Collection is a beautiful mix of modern styling and binding, complimented with old-world patterns and hand-made flocked fabrics.  The books are wrapped in hand-made flocked fabrics, with each style having unique patterns and different flocked surfaces.

The French Collection is defined by luxurious imported cover fabrics, unique cover options.  They have a great mix of textures with the feel of a modern, contemporary book.

The Italian line is defined by the fine hand distressed leather covers, the hand-torn edges, and the unique, old-word stitching and binding.


The Spanish collection mixes sexy, supple materials and design with an old-world, handcrafted flair for a distinctly Latin feel. Each of the styles include rich leathers, or hand-made papers, and all have hand torn edges on the pages of the book.


The German Collection is confident, bold and sleek.  It features printed and matte laminated covers, and has one of the most modern feels with unique covers and enclosures. The book covers have a contemporary look with a fully printed cover.  The cover layouts wrap from the front cover all the way around the entire book.   This provides you with a giant canvas to create a completely unique cover layout. The covers are printed on a scuff resistant, matte cover, with a UV laminate to protect it.

The Himalayan collection evokes an old-world, handcrafted feel through it’s use of hand-made Lotka paper from Nepal for the cover, finished off with a wrap around cover flap and string tie.

The New York collection has a modern, all American style, with an international flair.  The collection uses printed covers and Japanese linens, and all styles include a one piece slipcase that is custom fitted to every order.

The Indian Collection is defined by the colorful Indian sari silks on the cover, and the unique fold-over enclosure.

The Japanese Collection combines beautiful imported Japanese silks with a modern binding, to create unique experience.

The Brazilian collection is defined by the unique cover materials reminding one of the  lush tropical rainforests of Brazil.   They feature beautiful textures, organic materials, and one of a kind bindings and enclosures.

The Earth Collection is the words first GREEN photography books.  They are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled, acid-free archival paper, and are bound using environmentally sensitive materials from earth conscious suppliers.   The entire process is powered by Green-E certified wind-power.   Carbon offsets are purchased, and trees are planted with a portion of the proceeds from each Earth book that is ordered.


The Swiss collection is a decidedly modern take on bookbinding with unique enclosures and contemporary leather covers. Each style incorporates snaps, buckles, loops, handles, and other features to create books like you’ve never seen before.