English Collection

The English Collection is a beautiful mix of modern styling and binding, complimented with old-world patterns and hand-made flocked fabrics.

The books are wrapped in hand-made flocked fabrics, with each style having unique patterns and different flocked surfaces.

Each book includes a custom fitted, two-piece sheath cover made in a matching material.  These beautiful enclosures provide the collection a nice finished feel, as well as create a beautiful final presentation box for each book.  The sheaths are hand made with a precises fit so that the books slide in easily and the boxes fit snugly to hold everything together.

The English Collection books are bound using a smyth sewn binding.   With the Smyth Sewn binding, the pages are folded, sewn and glued into the binding.  This allows the books to lay flat when viewing, which makes it fantastic for panoramic images.  It also offers superior durability, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on the binding and manufacturing to back that up.

Victorian: The Victorian style has a thicker flocked pattern to give it a softer cover feel.   It includes nine different options, ranging from the more subtle and elegant patterns like the Black on Black and Cream, to more contemporary mixes like the Black on White, and Grey on Olive.

The Victorian style includes the two piece sheath

Oxford: The Oxford style has a finer patterned flocked cover material, with a slight pearlized effect, that lends it a more delicate look and feel.  We have four options for the cover materials: Black/Gold, Teal, Lime and Pink.  The Oxford style also features a cream pearlized end-sheet with a pattern on them to match the covers.  This gives the style an extra special detail that sets it off from the rest.

The Oxford style also includes a custom fitted sheath with pearlized endsheets

London: The London style features a luxurious deep velvet cover available in four colors: Midnight, Dark Blue, Primary Red, and Bright White.   The cover also features a cover image option with a unique debossed border around the image.   A two piece slipcase made in a matching velvet is also included

The London books are bound in a deep velvet and have a debossed border

Cambridge:  The Cambridge cover features a split cover of the hand-made flocked patter and the deep velvet.   It’s available in Black, Red, and Brown covers, and has a matching sheath cover covered in the deep velvet.

The Cambridge book mixes the beautiful flocked patters with a thick velvet for the cover

Piccadilly: The Piccadilly style has a very lively and playful look with mixed fabrics, and different patterns.  We offer six different cover options, and you can select a different material for the custom fitted slipcase for an even more unique look.

The Piccadilly collection has a unique and lively mix of patterns