French Collection

The French Collection is defined by luxurious imported cover fabrics, unique cover options.  They have a great mix of textures with the feel of a modern, contemporary book.

The French Collection is bound using a smyth sewn binding.   With the Smyth Sewn binding, the pages are folded, sewn and glued into the binding.  This allows the books to lay flat when viewing, which makes it fantastic for panoramic images.

With the Smyth Sewn binding, the pages lay flat

It also offers superior durability, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on the binding and manufacturing to back that up.

The Cannes: The Cannes book is a great mix of modern sophistication and textural nirvana.

The covers take their cue from our modern line-up with designed wrap-around covers.   The cover layout wraps the entire book from front cover, across the spine, and onto back cover, giving this style a very contemporary look.

Printed Cotton cover with custom slipcase

To balance the modern cover layout, the covers are printed on one of three luxurious fabric options:

  1. Satin – this satin fabric really gives the images pop and shine.   It has a beautiful silky feel to it, and gives the book a fine-art fashion feel.
  2. Organic cotton – the cotton cover has a slightly rougher texture than the other two, but still has a fine weave.  With the rougher texture, and organic material, it feels almost like a more refined older sibling to the books in our Earth Collection
  3. Micro-Suede – the micro-suede has a texture like a very soft, short velvet, or microfiber.  It’s by far the softest of the three Cannes fabrics, and would give your book a more sensual look and feel.

Organic Cotton, Poly-Satin, and Micro-Suede

The Bordeaux: The Bordeaux style is defined by it’s luxurious, imported velvet cover material, with a debossed silver cover image and silver text stamping.

The velvet cover material of the Bordeaux style is a thick, soft velvet available in five rich colors: Vintage, Coco, Clover, Mushroom and Midnight.

Beautiful velvet covers

The cover includes the option for a debossed image.  The image is either printed on our normal cover paper or our silver metallic paper, which is exclusive to the Bordeaux style.   The silver paper has a slight metallic sheen that gives the image an sophisticated look and feel.  The cover image, which can be horizontal, vertical, or even square, is then mounted onto a debossed area on the cover.   The debossed area is an indented area on the cover custom fitted to the size of the image, giving the cover a nice finished look.

Debossed cover image

The Bordeaux also includes text stamping on the cover in silver.   The stamping lets you brand the book in silver with up to two lines of text, usually centered below or above the cover image.  The text is hot stamped onto the cover, which permanently debosses the cover and velvet material, which custom tailors the book to your specifications.

To compliment the silver stamping and silver metallic cover image, the Bordeaux has the option for silver end-sheets.  The end-sheets are the materials directly on the inside front and back cover.   These are seen immediately upon opening the book.  The silver end-sheets have a slight metallic shine to them as well, and add another complimentary detail to the style.

The Paris: The Paris book includes many unique features and design elements not found in any other books, including the beautiful snow material, vellum pages and cover wrap, as well as printed endsheets.

The cover of the Paris book is bound in one of two unique textures: Snow and Tweed.  The Snow fabric feels like a very soft suede, but has the durability of a synthetic fabric.  It’s available in two colors, white snow and black.   The Tweed material is of a thicker weave, and is available in two colors, metallic silver, and black.

Vellum cover wrap on left, and cover with stamping on right

The covers also include text stamping.  The stamping lets you brand the book in several different colors, with up to two lines of text.  The text is hot stamped onto the cover, which permanently debosses the cover material, giving the books an additional custom touch and texture.

One of our favorite features of the Paris book are the vellum options: pages and vellum wrap.   The Vellum Wrap is a dust jacket that wraps the entire book, and can be white transparent, or have a printed layout on it.   The vellum pages can be blank and randomly placed throughout the book, or you can choose to have images/text printed on the pages and have them placed at specific locations.  The vellum pages give the books a beautiful design element that can be used to highlight certain images or pages, or even provide chapter locations throughout the book.     The books include five vellum pages per 100 pages in the book.

Paris with printed vellum page

The other unique feature of the Paris book is the printed end-sheet.  The end-sheet of the book is the page directly on the inside of the front and back cover, and is the page that binds the cover to the rest of the book.    Normally the end-sheet of a book is a heavier paper, usually in a solid color.  With the Paris book you have the option to have an image/layout printed over the double width page of the front and back end-sheet.

Printed endsheet on the Paris