New York Collection

Two of our most popular styles are part of the New York collection: the SoHo, and the East Hampton.

The New York collection has a modern, all American style, with an international flair.  The collection uses printed covers and Japanese linens, and all styles include a one piece slipcase that is custom fitted to every order.

The SoHo style is defined by the linen spine and printed front and/or back covers, all enclosed by a custom slipcase in matching linen.

You have three different cover options:

  1. Single layout on the front cover, and the back and spine in linen
  2. Use the same cover layout for the front and back cover with the spine in linen
  3. Use a different cover layout for the front and back, with a linen spine

The NYC SoHo Collection

The SoHo book can also include printed vellum pages.   When you select this option, we’ll include semi-transparent vellum pages through out your book.  If you have specific locations for them, just indicate the location in the notes section during checkout.

Printed Vellum Page

The East Hampton’s style has a wrap-around cover layout, where your cover image starts on the front cover, wraps across the spine, and onto the back cover.

NYC East Hampton's cover and slipcase

This gives you a huge canvas to work with for the cover layout!  You could use a beautiful landscape image to cover the entire canvas, or include text on the spine or a collage of many images covering the whole book, or even an all black cover with just text to give it a subtle, understated look and feel.

East Hampton's slipcase with image

The East Hampton’s style also includes a printed slipcase.   By default the slipcase uses the front and back cover of the book cover, but we can also use different images or even no images.


The SoHo and East Hampton’s books are bound using a smyth sewn binding.   With the Smyth Sewn binding, the pages are folded, sewn and glued into the binding.  This allows the books to lay flat when viewing, which makes it fantastic for panoramic images.  It also offers superior durability, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on the binding and manufacturing to back that up.