Japanese Collection

The Japanese Collection combines beautiful imported Japanese silks with a modern binding, to create unique experience.

The Japanese Collection books are bound using a smyth sewn binding.   With the Smyth Sewn binding, the pages are folded, sewn and glued into the binding.  This allows the books to lay flat when viewing, which makes it fantastic for panoramic images.  It also offers superior durability, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on the binding and manufacturing to back that up.

Kyoto: The Kyoto book features a split cover, with two complimentary colored raw silks, and a debossed image.   The silks are available in three different color combinations: Gold/Red, Grey/Blue, and Tan/Brown.

Japanese Line – Kyoto Style

The cover also includes the option for a debossed cover image.   The cover image is usually placed offset to the right side at the top or bottom, and is debossed, or inset, into the cover.

Kyoto cover colors – Gold/Red, Grey/Blue, and Tan/Brown

Tokyo: The Tokyo collection features a unique double opening cover.  The covers are split in the middle and open equally to the right and left.   This gives the style a unique look and feel.

Tokyo style with printed endsheets

It’s also available in three color options: Raw Gold, Olive Brocade, or White Brocade.

Tokyo Style – Olive Brocade, White Brocade, and Raw Gold

The other unique feature for the Tokyo book is the printed end-sheet option.  The end-sheet is the paper directly on the inside cover of the book.  Normally the books use a heavier paper stock in a color that compliments the cover.  With the printed end-sheet, you can opt to use an image or a layout for those pages.  That way when you open the book, you open to a beautiful printed panoramic page.