Italian Collection

The Italian line is defined by the fine hand distressed leather covers, the hand-torn edges, and the unique, old-word stitching and binding.

The Toscana:

The Toscana book is one of our most unique and sought after book styles.  It features a hand-stitched, exposed binding that uses a kettle-stitching process.

Toscana with custom clamshell box

This stitching allows the binding to be open and yet retain the durability and flexibility of a traditionally bound book.   The covers are hand distressed and hand pressed leathers, and feature the option of text embossing and an embossed cover image.

Close up of Toscana exposed spine and hand torn edges

The Roma:

The Roma book also features the same leathers and hand torn edges, but is bound with a hand-tooled leather spine, and special cover straps that are only found on this style.

Roma book showing cover straps and cover image

In addition, the cover also includes the option for text embossing, and a embossed cover image.

Close up of Roma book with torn edges